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A guide to Animal Diseases in South Africa: Cats and Dogs

(ISBN 978-1-875093-69-4)

'n Gids tot Dieresiektes in Suid Afrika: Katte en Honde

(ISBN 978-1-875093-79-3)

Dr Pamela Hunter-Oberem

This illustrated guide for the South African dog and cat owner covers the diseases, parasites and poisonings which occur in these animals, with the emphasis on how to prevent these conditions.

  • The book provides an introduction to the biology, behaviour, handling, nutrition, medication and reproduction of dogs and cats.
  • The most common diseases including infectious and non-infectious conditions of dogs and cats are covered. The cause, importance, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention are discussed. Most of the conditions are illustrated with colour photographs.
  • The most important internal and external parasites of dogs and cats are discussed and illustrated, including their life cycles, appearance and control. Lists of currently registered products for their control are provided as well as the advantages and disadvantages and a guide to their usage. The impact of parasites on the health of owners is discussed.
  • Common causes of poisoning and envenomation of dogs and cats are discussed to aid prevention, since there are no specific antidotes to most poisons.

This is the first comprehensive veterinary guide to be published in South Africa for the aid of small animal owners. It contains more than 200 illustrations and diagrams to allow owners to become familiar with the most common conditions in dogs and cats in South Africa.

Pamela Oberem is a writer and veterinarian. She began her career as a State Veterinarian in the Calvinia district and from there went to Onderstepoort where she specialised in laboratory diagnostics and research into bacterial and viral diseases. She headed up the vaccine production units of the Foot-and-Mouth laboratory and Onderstepoort Biological Products for a number of years. She left Onderstepoort to pursue a career in technical and other writing. Pamela is the author of a number of books and articles and has contributed to chapters in various textbooks on infectious diseases and vaccine production.

A Guide to Animal Diseases in South Africa: Cats and Dogs can be ordered at your nearest Afrivet agent or by phoning this number 011 392 0143.

An Afrikaans version of the book is also available.

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