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Diseases & Parasites of sheep and goats in South Africa

(ISBN 978)

Siektes & Parasietes by skape en bokke in Suid-Afrika

(ISBN 978-0-620-49562-2)

Dr Pamela Hunter-Oberem & Dr Peter Oberem

This book gives farmers and overview of management, nutrition, the causes and diagnosis of disease in sheep and goats. Separate chapters are dedicated to the most common diseases, internal parasites, external parasites and the cause of poisoning in small stock.

Vaccination programs and dosing strategies are provided, and the chemical groups and methods used for the control of internal and external parasites are discussed. The book includes photographs of the most common disease conditions, parasites and poisonous plants. Diagrams illustrating the life cycles of important parasites are also provided.

Pamela Oberem is a veterinarian who spent 20 years as a researcher at Onderstepoort on infectious diseases. She was manager of the Foot and Mouth Vaccine Production Unit and an expert consultant to Onderstepoort Biological Products on the production of bacterial and viral vaccines.

Peter Oberem is the founder and currently managing director of the animal health company Afrivet Business Management. He is director of Wildlife Ranching SA (WRSA) and a director of the Limpopo Agribusiness Development Corporation (LADC).

Peter and Pamela are game farmers and are dedicated to the conservation of nature.

Diseases & Parasites of sheep and goats of South Africa can be ordered at your nearest Afrivet agent or by phoning this number 011 392 0143.

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