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Nguni Cattle: Breed Characteristics and Functional Efficiency

Nguni-beeste: Kenmerkende raseienskappe en
funksionele doeltreffendheid

Dr Hans van de Pypekamp

Nguni cattle have a long and interesting history in Southern Africa. This book gives an overview of their unique characteristics, economic importance and their potential for sustainable cattle farming and meat production. This is a useful reference guide for farmers, breeders or anyone that may have an interest of involvement with Nguni cattle.

The Nguni is regarded as a pure indigenous breed which differs in phenotype and genotype from other breeds. Nguni cattle are identified by certain characteristic features which are described in more detail in this book and are further illustrated by various photographs that enhance the authentic value.

Most of the infectious conditions that threaten livestock, such as tick-borne diseases, occur endemically in the tropical and subtropical areas of Southern Africa and are responsible for severe stock losses. Indigenous Nguni cattle have over a long period of time survived in these difficult and "unhealthy" cattle areas and are considered to be hardy and well adapted.

May this book inspire and stimulate all those who are involved in promoting and preserving this unique breed of cattle.

This book is available in Afrikaans as Nguni-beeste: Kenmerkende raseienskappe en funksionele doeltreffendheid.

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